Affy list =3

Sherbet Lemon


Shoujo Crusade

Shoujo Manga Maniac

Starry Heaven

Tasty Kiwi Scans

Transcendence Scans

Village Idiot

Non-scanlators but visit them cause there awesome too!! =3

Photobucket Dreamers Branch / Blog

If you would like to link my blog or want me to link your site just ask me it would be a pleasure and here is  my affy! enjoy reading lol and I will always edit this affy section because I will ask for more permission lol~

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  1. Hayal says:

    Hey there *0*
    I'm bluenvision from Korean-Manhwa. *.* I happen to have a website which has drama cds, raw manga and more. @0@ I wonder if you would like to share links with me? I2ll be glad to put your avatar in my links page. Thanks. *_*

  2. That is one supper long list! 8-0

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