♥ The people I would like to thank! ♥

I would like to thank the people who comment on my blog to show how appreciate I am to them (visitors) all dedicated to you~ so if you comment I will put your name right here cause you spend your time looking at my blog in order by date~

she made that for me so kawaii!! thanks photoshop expert
- Ena (c-box visit her site) Dreamers Branch <-- click she host music and oneshot manga

- Melisa (c-box cool person)

- closetotaku888 (post a comment visit her/he wordpress) closetotaku888 Wordpress <-- click & check it out

- Mark-kun or Mark (c-box nice chap)

- Caroll (c-box awesome visit her French blog?!)

- dhina_7 (c-box compliment me thanks)

- Kaori  (He/she thank me WOOHOO and love me blog!)

- Noda (same as Kaori)

 - .x.Roberta.x.  ( = ) thank you for coming!!)

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  1. ena says:

    hey i thank you for visiting my site and my blog too. thanks I just wish more people would come to my blog

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