Yep exams almost over =3

As you can see I have update the layout (still need to fix it but probably never still a noob) but I will do my best to make this look like a attractive blog so if you have problems with the layout just email (I may not change/ to lazy) so I experimenting my blog layout so your maybe going wtf?! but yeah~

Also I can't download manga cuz we have 3GB left for the internet so I may not release anything for a while but I may release old manga (back then) so wait a week or more (not sure) but keep checking the site for new manga so I won't be up to date with baka-updates~ (remember that)

And yes!! I have done my math exam yesterday so I will pass!! and my cooking assessment too~ just have to do my S.E exam which is tomorrow and everything will be all good~ also gotta finish my English qns which were due last week but my English teacher like I give ya another week and he is crap too!

// Edit: 20/11/09

I got an "A" for math hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Math!! but not my teacher lol =3 did my S.E exam think I will get a "B- or B" well I just pray its a B I will high five my S.E teacher he is awesome!! learning about Australia federation pretty cool!! asshole English teacher is Mr Fagamote well his Fugly <--- made that word up by joining the word fuk and ugly isn't it a great word?! lol well it great to me (got that from a friend) also I can't believe my friend "Kristelle" got 43% on her wtf?! well she needs all the goodluck lol~ last term got 3 weeks of school then holidays! yeah Christmas don't really celebrate instead me and my sis make the Christmas food cuz my Parents are not good aussie food makers  cuz we're Asian people~

Oh and I'm going to watch New Moon next 2 weeks probably going to criticize how bad it was, love the book better but all the roles suit the actors/actress but (yes again) Robert Pattinson suck monkey balls big time!! he a loathe of crap his body despise me it really makes me pitiful for someone esle to take his role!! WHY HIM?! (HIS GAY BIG TIME TOO!!) sorry if you like him but YUCK MAN!! (give me a bucket)

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