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If you would like to link my blog or want me to link your site just ask me it would be a pleasure and here is  my affy! enjoy reading lol and I will always edit this affy section because I will ask for more permission lol~


Yes I have made my own affy which is this one and yes it strange my posting now cause I'm post-to-be-at school which I'm not (hehehe) well here the affy =3

Not good at making affy but this is my first try and if you want to link me just ask and I will link your site =3 and I will be asking permission to host manga so just wait a bit longer and you will be able to download manga =3

FAQ!! Please read =3 Manga downloading rules


- I host the manga; I do not scanlate them. In other words, I don't know when the next releases will be.
- Credit for the scanlation work goes to the respective authors and scanlators.
- Support the mangaka by buying the actual books, especially if the series is available in your area.
- I take no responsibility for any harm that may come to you for downloading the files. Remember to keep - updated anti-virus and anti-spy ware software, and to scan any files you download to be safe.
- If you have any comments/questions/suggestions please just post a comment I may answer back

General FAQs

Where do I comment / post if there a broken link?
 Click Broken Links if you can't comment send me a email: lovelyann-san[at]hotmail[dot]com

Where do I comment / post if I wanna request a manga?
Click Request Manga if you can't comment send me a email: lovelyann-san[at]hotmail[dot]com but I can't guarantee I can upload that manga I may reply to your request so beware!! (I'm a nice person).

Will you upload Yaoi / Yuri?
Sorry but I dislike reading both those genres so I will not upload and please don't request those genres! serious

What is Manga?
Manga is the Japanese equivalent of comics with a unique style and following. Join the revolution! Read some manga today! ♥

When is the next chapter of ____ coming out?
As I mentioned in the rules above, I don’t scanlate the manga so I don’t know either. However, if I missed chapters that have already been released, let me know. By the way, this usually a taboo question, especially if you’re asking the scanlators. Some will freely answer you about the status of a project, but others will be less than kind in their response. They volunteer their free time; be patient. There’s more to life than manga.

When are you going to put up xx chapter of ____ series?
1. For projects I officially host, there may be a waiting period - a certain amount of time the scanlator wishes me to wait before re-hosting.
2. I'm busy and will update it. Until then, visit the scanlator; they usually have download links available.
3. With so many projects to keep up-to-date, I may have forgotten. You can kindly remind me, and if asked politely enough, I may get to it faster.

May I join your staff?
This is a solo-project unfortunately no but thank you, anyways very kind of you

How else can I help?
You can always help me to re-upload expire files. Also, report any problems you notice - even if they are small. If you want to help me with something else, feel free to contact me by commenting or my email: lovelyann-san[at]hotmail[dot]com

Do you want to be affiliates or exchange links?
I would be happy to. Just drop me a line. If you don't get a reply for a while, feel free to try again.

Can I use your links?
Hell NO it takes alot of effort just uploading so just use your own! and if I do find someone using my links I will not upload manga for a month or more up to you and I would love to take a break because this is out of my free will~

- also this is a template from Manga garden well most of it =3

Thank you for reading =3
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What up?

Hahaha no follwers but I don't care, need to ask manga scanlators for there permission long day to go!! and tonight going to a party to eat dinner! hell yeah

well laters for now!

Hey!! =3

Well I'm starting a new website uploading manga (maybe) or may ditch this blog lol up to me thanks for reading and come again and yeah I'm a noob so I don't know what the hell I'm doing so please do help me and I maybe go insane one day with this blog thing 0.0?!