Kimi Ni Furetara


Mangaka: WATA Nobu
Length: 1 Volume (Complete)
Scanlators: Manga Abyss & Shoujo Crusade (Story 01 - Story 05) || Tenshi-Tachi (Story 03)
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Smut

Collection of short stories:

1) If You Touch Me
After school ended, in the nurse's office. I found out about Senpai's "secret." Don't make that pained face. For now, forget about that girl and please indulge in me.

2) Monopolize
Hana's friend Shinobu was a nerdy kid who developed into a super cool guy, but he doesn't know it! Hana keeps him in glasses so no one will notice how handsome he is. Hana is torn between her guilt and her possessive nature.

3) Masshiro Valentine
When Misa's boyfriend breaks up with her to date her friend, she's crushed. Handsome stranger Yuki tells her, "I know of you, because I love you."

4) Love Costume
Ichigo loves cos-play and her boyfriend, Hayato. But he only seems passionate when she's in costume...

5) I Will Comfort You
Nanami loves Ichijyou. But Ichijyou's already has a girlfriend. Then he breaks up with her and turns to Nanami...

|| Manga Abyss & Shoujo Crusade: Story 01 (If You Touch Me)
Story 02 (Monopolize)
|| Tenshi-Tachi: Story 03 (Masshiro Valentine)
|| Manga Abyss & Shoujo Crusade: Story 04 (Love Costume)
Story 05 (I Will Comfort You) ||

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