My life sucks offically!!

My gosh some days I feel depress for no reason what can help me?! maybe I should walk again I've gone a bit chubby lately lol any advice (no one going to reply as I can already see 0.o) also I would like to say I hate my MATH TEACHER she a totally shi*head she can go jump-a-bridge for all I care for her life must suck!! maybe she gay?! haha would love to see that and she big a big ass which is grossing me out xD (yuck) anyways this total brown guy was such a jerk he push in front of me and starting complaining about lettuces!! what the hell wrong with this nut-cases he needs to go to a mental home crazy fat-ass. I been pretty quiet at school lately sometimes I think I'm a robot maybe I should walk it off also this is my diary too so don't you people go saying why is she typing this stuff, firstly you don't have to read this!! Also I starting  to hate school maybe cause I'm not smart enough just the people around me maybe I need to put more effort in but then I don't feel like it cause uni is just too hard for me no kidding its hard to be a teen or a adult!! so wanna job since its almost the Christmas holidays I just want a job then maybe the stress will go away!! *sigh* my diary must be funny?! I want to kick someone ass right now!! *ninja Ann comes alive* maybe I'm turning into a dumbo!! hope my job application forms get through or else I need to hand in more (which I don't like to) maybe I'm anti-social except for online haha well good luck with everyone lives since people move on!! oh yeah I hate exams I'm not good at English and my teacher looks like Mr Dracula he's got the whole hair thing going on and his Italy that makes it even more funny!! and he can't teach English to save his bloody life goodness sake's!! I have to study in 2 week advances since its almost exams I'm only year 10 too early for me gosh I'm not doing TEE next year I'm not suited for it~ getting C for English I reckon, I think my best friend has just turned a friend now I don't talk to her much *sigh* my life maybe seems depression in my opinion I love wasting my time on the comp wow I type alot and also my shi*head Math teacher bloody move me now she can go to hell where she belongs curse her life don't know how she got laid (must have paid the damn guy I feel sorry for him)!! and I dislike my neighbour cuz it love to complain to my sisters about it crappy lifestyle it has!! (wanna punch it out) so have a g'day mate!! one more thing Sciences is hardcore so many tests I have to do!! excuse my language~ I love to complain also I feel the stress has gone a bit~ not much

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