Tsundere Megane Cafe E Youkoso


Mangaka: ANISAKI Yuna
Length: 1 Volume (Complete)
Genre: Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Smut

This is a volume of short stories that are all related by their setting, which is a ‘Megane Kissa’ or a coffee shop that features cute waiter boys who all wear glasses. Each story is about a different girl finding love with one of the glasses-wearing, super-cute bishounen waiters while engaging in various smutty acts along the way.

Aoki Misao is the daughter of the owner of a glasses cafe, Glasser, where beautiful men in glasses will gladly serve you tea. These beautiful men are all under the oppressive rule of Kaga the manager, who only ever smiles to the lady customers as their perfect prince. He puts on these two different masks in dedication to his work. How will Misao ever expect to get close to him as the boss' daughter!?

Still in the realm of story 2; Erika, a high school girl is in love with the school prince. As smart and as handsome as he is he is also very cold and refuses every girl that approaches him. Just when she thought all hope was lost she finds out his secret of working as the Glasser cafe, which is against school rules. Can she use this secret to get noticed and possibly win his heart? Or will he turn the tables?

Story 01
Story 02
Story 03
Story 04

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