Akuma De Koibito


Mangaka: SHIRAISHI Yuki
Length: 1 Volume (Complete)
Scanlators: Intercross
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Collection of short stories:

1. Devil and Boyfriend
Ever since she was young, Rinko has always been labelled as a 'Ohito yoshi baka' by everyone except for a young boy, Itsuki. Since then, Rinko has always had strong feelings for Itsuki but will he ever be like that angel-like person she meet as a child or stay as the Akuma she has now gotten used to?

2. That's the Rabbit's Forest

3. Because, It's Love

Story 01 c01 / c02 / c03 (Devil and Boyfriend)
Story 02 (That's the Rabbit's Forest)
Story 03 (Because, It's Love)

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