Vampire Crisis


Mangaka: IBUKI Kaede
Length: 1 Volume (Complete)
Scanlators: Cougarpeople
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural

Collection of short stories:

1) Vampire Crisis
Hisoka is a girl who tries out black magic to punish her former and worst boyfriend. But as a result of this she summons up a Vampire named Rain.....!! He tells Hisoka that he will grant one wish for her, but for a compensation she must offer her blood to him. At first she was afraid of him but she's beginning to be attracted to the vampire who's kind and a bit strange......?!

2) Vampire Emotion
Hisoka awaits her boyfriend, Rainford for 2 months. When they finally meet, he tells her good news. He might be able to stay with her forever but he can't do magic...... Will he keep his promise or break it?

3) 100 Prayers And 1 Wish
Moe Fujishiro is a girl who liked someone in middle school, and still does. She always tries to give him the present that she's bought him but fails because her Erythrophobia kicks in. Every time after she fails, she goes up to the temple to pray to the gods that they will one day help her with her love life. On the 100th time she goes up there, something unusual happens to her.......

4) It Just Has To Be You!!
Natsume likes her best friend, Taiyou. They argue a lot but her feelings don't change. When its the cultural festival she's told to replace a love adviser and then Taiyou comes in as a customer.
She then finds out that he likes someone..... but who? And what advise should she give?

5) The Angel Beyond 10 Years

Story 01 (Vampire Crisis)
Story 02 (Vampire Emotion)
Story 03 (100 Prayers And 1 Wish)
Story 04 (It Just Has To Be You!!)

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