Dear My Girls


Mangaka: KIM Hee Eun
Length: 8 Volumes (Ongoing)
Scanlators: Kyon Pyon & Evil Flowers (jt v02)
Genre: Drama, Historical, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Elizabeth March is one of four daughters from a prestigious family. The only reason she stands out from her sisters' extraordinary beauty and talent is because she's talentless. After her acceptance into the same academy all her sisters are at, Elizabeth encountered a chain of interesting things including getting off at the wrong start with a rich boy named Adrian.

v01: || Kyon Pyon: c01 / c02 / c03 / c04
v02: || Kyon Pyon & Evil Flowers: c05 / c06 / c07
v03: c08 / c09 / c10 / c11
v04: c12 / c13 / c14

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