Motto Itte


Mangaka: WATA Nobu
Length: 1 Volume (Complete)
Scanlators: Awakened Memories
Genre: Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Smut

Collection of short stories:

1) Tell Me More
Thanks to being of mixed race, with the bold facial features and nice body, you can say I’m popular the opposite sex. However, guys don’t seem to like my appearance…that’s why when I reveal my inner self, people might say “Your image is so different!” Lately, I’ve been chasing after Tsuchiya, but he seems to be like all the other guys…?

2) Look Cooler
I'm popular and every guy wants me because I'm cool, yet I'm going out with Tsuchiya, who is far from cool. I wonder what got me to go out with him in the first place? Suddenly he gradually became a little bit cooler....I think.

3) I Want To Go More
Recently Tsuchiya has been acting weird. He started to become cooler after his hair grew longer. Also, he stopped walking home together with me. No matter how much of an idiot he is, I love him.

4) Cherry Girl
My cousin Arata, came back from the U.S. He was tiny, slow and a crybaby. But now he totally changed. He greeted me with a kiss!? And the worst thing is, it was my first kiss!

5) Say I'm Cute
Just Because I'm in the Judo Club doesn't mean that I'm not girly. But Kazuki is the only person who thinks of me as a girl. I started to fall in love but he is already in love with another person, because of a delicious cake he ate and it was made by her. But the only thing he doesn't know, is that the cake was made by me.

Story 01 (Tell Me More)
Story 02 (Look Cooler)
Story 03 (I Want To Go More)
Story 04 (Cherry Girl)
Story 05 (Say I'm Cute)

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