Hee-ha new updates!!

So here are the updates since the internet was renew last month well for me =P
Ok if you don't know where the donwloads because you haven't been looking at my blog then!! here a shortcut then Manga List <- CLICK!! thats where you found the manga you wanna download so press Ctrl + F then write the manga you want then press find = P easy peasy japaneasy!! oh and PLEASE COMMENT say I word of thanks really appreciate!!

Active Manga

Dengeki Daisy v04 c16
Get Love!! v03 c10
Harem Lodge v02 c08
Himekei Doll v02 c07
Marugoto Ore No Mono v01 Sidestory 01
Watashi ni xx Shinasai! v01 c05

Complete Manga

Hard Na Choukyoushi Story 03 - 04


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