= P Comment please!!

Hi la,

How are you people la? <--- lol (my Asian friend started using the word la now its in my head) so as you see I have update the Manga List <--- click

So go and download muahhhhhhhhh!! and please comment!! I would appreciate that = ) also I brought my leaver shirt when I was year seven to my high school my friends went crazy (and other bunch of people I don't know sign it lol) and one of my friend wrote "Your the BOMB" "BOOM" wow thanks lol I think she was high in sugar ahaha and YAY I have finished 2 exams which were English & Science now they're over now I have Math & Society and Environment!! Hell YEAH~ just need to study~ (which I doubt) life is going alright for now~~ also one of my friend grandmother passed away!! so don't stress Cass if your reading this = P be happy!!


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