Daily Updates that I bring~

Yay!! 1 more days of school and then no more for me!! besides not going the last day of school can't be bother! so sad my African friend is leaving to go to a different school because she couldn't get her subjects she wanted >.< poor me! but I wish her all the best in all those TEE subjects!! GOOD LUCK SAM.C your awesome~ so here your updates enjoy the goodness!!

Active manga

Atashi wa Sore wo Gaman Dekinai story 02
Love Survival v01 c02 - c03
Marugoto Ore No Mono v01 c02 (Covenant of Darkness & Wataame Shoujo took off Esthétique)
Say I Love You v02 c07
Watashi ni xx Shinasai! v02 c06

Dropped Manga

Punch! Oneshot 02 (Hibari Telepathy)

Here are some funny photos of my mentors they're officially GAY?!! lol jk they're married to there wife the outback Australia!! who likes it?!  well me!!

too bad I won't see Phil again he so awesome hardcore mentor (who is lifted up by Steve) because the school does not have enough money to pay him so someone founding him a job! >.<

Phil proposing to a cow named Dora lol thats a good shot!!
Won't be going to the farm anymore for work experiences last day was today so sad! well I will miss them all very much!!

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