No more school for me!!!!!!!!

Yay I have finished year 10 next year will be year 11 now I be looking for a apprenticeship!! woooooohooooo!! tell you what happen yesterday my Mum piss her pants lol!! I couldn't believe it happen but she did it!! I mean she already somewhere around her late 40's and she seriously pissed her pants! ahahaha thats when my older sister and my mum were walking around somewhere so funny to me and my sister started laughing so much just because of that!! then my Mum try to hit my head or body with a branch and her excuse was 'you have a fly on your back/head' how can I believe that lol!!

Today was fuuny cuz I pissed off my Math teacher that shithead because I didn't sit where I used to be, that is so stupid was so funny it yelled at me and I looked at it like it was nothing at all well thats what it deserve and then it started talking about ' I will get someone onto you' bullshit didn't go to detention didn't know I had it I'm one-of-those nice students until it pushed me, never had a dentention in MY LIFE!! didn't go to this one sucker!! All the students were cheering me on to get out and so I did!! which felt scaring but I did it alright! because everyone HATE IT (don't deserve a bloody name) except my friend is a good-tishe (nerd) but I rebel onces because it a total bitch!! (haven't said that word for a long time) hope it life can get fu*ked!! good on me after that I went to the art room to hang out with my friends AMEN!! thank you for reading


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