Magical JxR


Mangaka: LEE Sun-Young
Length: 5 Volumes (Complete)
Scanlators: Why Anime
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shoujo

Magical JxR tells the story of two teenage wizards and the young girl they befriend: “Jay and Aru are two of the most popular students in wizardry school. However, before they can graduate, they must venture out into the REAL world and fulfill a one year magic contract with a human girl named Cho-Ah. Is Cho-Ah ready for a whole year with two enthusiastic wizards-to-be at her beck and call?"

v01: c01 / c02 / c03 / c04 / c05 / c06
v02: c07 / c08 / c09 / c10 / c11 / Sidestory 01
v03: c12 / c13 / c14 / c15 / c16 / Sidesotry 02

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