Jikiru De Haido Na Kare


Mangaka: MIURA Hiraku
Length: 1 Volume (Complete)
Scanlators: Shoujo Crusade
Genre: Mature, Romance, Shoujo, Smut

Collection of short stories:

1) Jikiru De Haido Na Kare
17-year-old Asahina Saki's biggest worry is... her boyfriend Hakushiro Yuusuke is too serious! They've been dating for three months already yet they still haven't kissed. One day however, when Hakushiro Yuusuke appears at school, he acts like a pervert! He confesses to a very surprised Asahina Saki that he has a split personality, called Shou! I don't dare to tell anyone that my boyfriend has a split personality!

2) Love's Magic Summer's Dream
Nanako's summer plans are ruined when she discovers all of her friends are too busy with their boyfriends. Nanako also wishes to have a boyfriend and so wishes for her 'destined prince' on her school's legendary fountain. Seconds later a handsome boy lands in front of her and kisses her on the spot! Can this mysterious young boy be her destined prince?

3) After School Secret
Hisama fell in love with her teacher and, despite knowing he would never accept a student-teacher romance, went ahead and confessed anyway. After being rejected she was crushed and began doing things to cheer herself up. These things coincidentally made her the teacher's number one problem student. He lectured her a lot, but is his lecturing beyond that of a concerned teacher?



Miura Hiraku brings a long awaited story to everyone in 5 short stories filled with the feelings of first love and H!

Story 01 c01 / c02 (Jikiru De Haido Na Kare)
Story 02 (Love's Magic Summer's Dream)
Story 03 (After School Secret)

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